Compare Atomic’s Warranty to “Free Parts Warranties”

The Expensive Truth About “Free Parts Warranties” and why Atomic is more diver-friendly

Some competitors offer limited lifetime warranties that include lifetime “free parts” for the annual overhaul. This is simply a marketing technique intended to make a new diver believe they will save money on annual service costs. However, the
biggest single factor in any regulator service is the “labor cost” which is not covered under a free parts warranty or any other regulator warranty. Contrary to the claim, a free-parts warranty may actually cost you double the repair costs compared to our warranty. Sometimes the small print in others warranty language stipulates that a major service must be performed every year with written proof of the service within a 30-day window or the lifetime free parts warranty is revoked. Our “Two-Year/300-Dive Warranty” is not contingent on proof of annual service. Atomic Aquatics regulators are designed to save you time and money by not requiring a yearly visit to a technician for service. At Atomic Aquatics, we believe other warranties have too many exclusions and restrictions to be truly beneficial to a diver. Consider the chart above which compares a typical three-year regulator service cost period.