Diving Enthusiasts

David Blaine
Master Stunt Artist/Magician

In May, 2006 David Blaine relied on Atomic Aquatics products as he was submerged underwater for an entire week - longer than any other human being...ever! Blaine stayed underwater breathing an Atomic Aquatics T2 for countless hours at a time. He was very impressed with the Atomic Aquatics T2 and SubFrame mask stating that the regulator breathed flawlessly throughout the week and left him without any jaw fatigue or soreness in the mouth.

Kevin Costner
Actor, Producer, Director

"I have had difficulty in the past finding a mask that fits, so I was extremely excited to find your Frameless mask. It fits great and gives me a wide field of view to take in all there is to see of this waterworld. You would think that it would have been the easiest thing to find but it has been the hardest. Everything underwater begins with the basic desire to see and enjoy, I'm glad my search is over!"

Edward Norton
Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, and Director
Recently Edward purchased two Atomic Aquatics T2 Titanium regulators and two SS1 Titanium safe second stages.
"I wanted the best equipment available to use during a marine life research project off the coast of California at Catalina Island. When it came to buying equipment, Atomic Aquatics was an easy choice. The T2 and SS1 has performed flawlessly every dive."

Anthony Robbins
International Motivational Speaker
"Throughout my life I have always strived to bring performance to the next level. In order to achieve the best results I have learned it is necessary to use the best products available. As a diving enthusiast and owner of a diving resort, I only want to use the highest quality products available. The Atomic Aquatics regulators provide an unsurpassed level of reliability and safety."

Marine Life Artist

Wyland is an accomplished painter, sculptor, photographer, writer and SCUBA diver. As one of America's leading contemporary artists, Wyland's marine life paintings and murals are highly regarded around the world as unique creative influences in building awareness for the conservation of our ocean environments. During one of his many dive trips, Wyland received the recommendation of his friend, photographer Stephen Frink, to dive with an Atomic SubFrame Mask. He now relies on the UltraClear lens and wide field of view of his Atomic mask to witness the beauty of the aquatic world for his crucial work.

Atomic is proud to partner with The Wyland Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world's oceans, waterways and marine life. The foundation encourages environmental awareness through education programs, public arts projects, and community events. For more information, please visit

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