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Atomic Aquatics Unveils Eagerly-Anticipated Next Generation High Performance Regulator

AtomicT2New T2 brings together every popular Atomic regulator innovation as Atomic Aquatics continues to set new standards of dive industry excellence.

Huntington Beach, CA - March 22, 2005 - Atomic Aquatics, the leader in advanced scuba equipment design and engineering has released details of its new T2 high performance regulator. This new product, which has been in development for more than two years, is designed to be the best performing and best looking regulator on the market.

Atomic first introduced Titanium to the industry many years ago, with the T1 regulator. The T2 regulator builds on this revolutionary Atomic legacy in a major way. Precision machined at Atomic's US-based production facility, the T2 features all-Titanium construction in both the first and second stages. This makes it one of the lightest regulators on the market, perfect for the traveling diver facing airline weight restrictions. But just because it's lightweight, doesn't mean the T2 can't pack a powerful level of performance.

Every one of Atomic's key regulator innovations is incorporated into this high-performance product. This includes the patented Atomic "Seat-Saving Orifice" that reduces internal wear and increases service life; the patented Automatic Flow Control (AFC) that reduces breathing effort and extends bottom time, the "Jet-Seat" first stage high-flow piston, and a factory-sealed first-stage assembly. Each is designed to work in tandem for an effortless and enjoyable underwater breathing experience that divers can rely on for years to come.

While the T2 delivers exceptional performance, what most divers will notice first is the advanced, high-tech modern look of the second stage. This starts with the new high-flow second stage case that lowers breathing effort. Divers will marvel at the exceptional, effortless breathing the T2 can deliver at any depth. For a classy, high tech look, the second stage features metal-accents on the cover ring, adjustment knob and AFC controls. The exhaust cover is over-molded with soft edge ports to guard against scuffing and impact.

Best of all, the T2 features the "All-Titanium" Comfort Swivel Hose (another Atomic innovation) that helps reduce jaw fatigue and increase the diver's comfort level from the very first time they hit the water. The specially-molded, two-silicone material in the "Comfort Mouthpiece" offers durability and comfort every time it's placed in a diver's mouth.

Atomic's advanced engineering team designed the T2 to be used by divers of any level of experience or environment. For technical divers, the T2 comes "nitrox-ready" up to 40 percent, while recreational divers will appreciate the dependability and performance. The T2 has an incredible suggested service interval of two years or 300 dives.

The new T2 regulator from Atomic Aquatics is available now. This premium regulator will have a suggested retail price lower than the T1X, the popular regulator that the T2 will replace in the Atomic line. Each unit comes with a special deluxe padded travel bag and Atomic's limited lifetime warranty.

For more details, contact your nearest Atomic Aquatics dealer. Dealers wanting more information should contact their Atomic Aquatics sales representative. To become an Atomic Aquatics dealer, contact Atomic Aquatics headquarters at (714) 375-1433.


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