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Atomic Aquatics Unveils the Z2 Regulator

Easily the best mid-price regulator ever made, the Z2 continues Atomic Aquatics "Summer of Excellence"

Huntington Beach, Calif. – June 28, 2005 – Atomic Aquatics, the world's leader in innovative and functional scuba diving product design and development has announced that its latest regulator, the Z2, is now available. This introduction follows the overwhelming success of the Atomic T2 regulator that launched in June.

The Z2 is the next generation of the Z1 regulator. The Z1 has become the choice of many dive stores selling high performance regulators at a mid-range price. The Z1 has also proven itself for durable, trouble-free rental service. The Z2 features a completely new second stage housing that includes a re-designed, hi-flow case. The attractive two-tone design is available in Gray, Blue or Yellow. But, while it's certainly a visually-appealing product, the Z2's true strength comes from its performance and interior design.

Like all Atomic regulators, every detail, movement and function has been carefully crafted and designed. Divers will appreciate how easy the Z2 breathes thanks to Atomic innovations like the patented Automatic Flow Control (AFC), seat-saving orifice and "Jet Seat" first stage piston design. The Z2 can be purchased with several important options including a five-port, first-stage swivel in place of the standard seven-port fixed assembly. Naturally, the Z2 carries Atomics two-year, 300-dive limited warranty.
Atomic officials are very enthusiastic about the Z2, and with good reason. Following the runaway success of the T2 regulator earlier this year, it's apparent today's savvy dive consumer continues to seek out high-quality, high-caliber products. In this area, Atomic Aquatics has no equal.

"Our designs and innovations are far ahead of the competition. The so-called 'new' features that some companies are releasing this season are features that have been standard on Atomic products for years," said Dean Garraffa of Atomic Aquatics. "For example, you're starting to see 'swivels' on some new regulator models. We introduced the Atomic comfort swivel “patent pending” two years ago. In fact, our comfort swivel has become such a popular innovation that we've recently created a universal version that will work with virtually any regulator. It's obvious that other companies are working hard just to catch up."
The Z2, which is shipping now, has a suggested retail price of $429 for the standard version and $549 for the swivel first stage assembly.

Garraffa said the Z2 regulator is designed for long-term durability and performance - exactly what dive retailers seek in their rental lines. Atomic dealers can still take advantage of the rental buying program that allows them to purchase quantity regulators for rental use at a significant savings.

For additional information about the Z2 and ordering details, contact your Atomic Aquatics sales representative or call (714) 375-1433.

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