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New Atomic Aquatics Full-Foot SplitFin® Now Shipping

Eagerly anticipated new product receives rave reviews from test divers from coast to coast

Huntington Beach, Calif. – The new full-foot SplitFin® from Atomic Aquatics is already making a major splash in the dive industry. After several months of testing by key Atomic Aquatics dealers and dive professionals, the full-foot SplitFin® is now shipping.

Designed to Atomic Aquatics' well documented high performance and exacting quality standards, the full-foot SplitFin® model is a perfect complement to the existing Atomic Aquatics open heel SplitFin®. The full-foot model is lightweight, yet delivers results comparable to the larger open heel fin.

The full-foot SplitFin®, which is available in neon yellow or bright blue colors, offers incredible versatility, according to Atomic Aquatics engineers. The fin uses new technology that makes it lighter than other full-foot split fin designs, yet still meets and exceeds user expectations whether being used for snorkeling or scuba diving.

"Quite simply, we designed this fin to be the highest performing full-foot fin in the world and based on our test divers comments, we've succeeded in a big way," says Dean Garraffa of Atomic Aquatics. "Our testers can't stop talking about the performance this fin delivers. These fins deliver excellent performance. But don't just take our word for it. Try them for yourself."

Many well-known dive industry professionals were asked to try the new Atomic Aquatics full-foot SplitFins® this spring.
" I was amazed at the performance," points out Mike Huhn of Desert Divers in Tucson, Arizona. "I didn't think these new fins could outperform the regular Atomic Aquatics SplitFins®, but I was wrong. I was able to move as quickly in the water wearing the full-foots as I could with my regular Atomic Aquatics SplitFins®. Once people discover how great these fins perform, there's going to be an incredible demand."

Bill Blackburn of Seminole Scuba in Lake Mary, Florida doesn't normally recommend full-foot fins to his customers, but said he might have to make a change soon. "I was pleasantly surprised at the power and maneuverability these fins provided when I was in full gear. We already sell a lot of Atomic Aquatics SplitFins®, now our customers will have another option."

The new Atomic Aquatics full-foot SplitFins® have a suggested retail price of $99.00 and are available in six different sizes. The product is easily one of the most anticipated products of the new year according to Atomic officials.

For more information, contact your Atomic Aquatics sales representative or call (714) 375-1433.

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