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New Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator FIRST in the Next Generation of High Performance Scuba Regulators

Latest Atomic Aquatics innovation designed to be the most comfortable and functional recreational scuba regulator on the market today

Huntington Beach, Calif. – The new B2 regulator from Atomic Aquatics is designed and created with one simple premise – to be the most comfortable and best performing regulator on the market today. One look at this impressive regulator and it’s easy to see that Atomic has done it once again.

The B2 represents the next generation in regulator design and performance. Put simply, the B2 and COMFORT go hand in hand. This attractive and highly functional regulator, which replaces the popular B1 in the Atomic line, features a number of enhancements that work together to deliver the most comfortable underwater breathing experience available. The B2 features the innovative Atomic Aquatics stainless steel "Comfort Swivel" which eliminates cumbersome binding and provides for an increased range of motion while maintaining consistent airflow for optimal performance. Divers from coast to coast have praised this feature since it was first introduced last year. This is the first Atomic Aquatics product to feature the comfort swivel as standard equipment.

The lightweight design of the B2, when combined with Atomic Aquatics' unique "dual-silicone" mouthpiece, helps reduce jaw fatigue and increase user comfort. Made from two-types of silicone material, the mouthpiece was first introduced on last year’s Atomic M1 model.

The lightweight, impact resistant two-tone second stage assembly is available in three colors (grey, blue and yellow). The colors are accented on the adjustment knob and the new extended exhaust deflector, adding a new element of style to the Atomic Aquatics line. But, like all Atomic products, there’s more to the B2 "beneath the surface." The B2 second stage is built exclusively with Titanium materials, greatly reducing any change of corrosion or extended wear.

Atomic Aquatics regulators are widely-recognized as the premier regulators in the world. There’s good reason for this and the B2 once again features many of the patented Atomic Aquatics innovations divers worldwide have come to expect from Atomic Aquatics. The "Jet Seat" first stage piston design is developed for high-pressure applications up to 4,000 PSI in some cases. This patented design works like a finely tuned sports car to reduce wear and increase performance at any depth.

The second stage features Atomic Aquatics’ patented "seat-saving orifice" that eliminates frustrating leaks due to wear on the low pressure seat. This helps increase the service intervals to two years or 200 dives. The Atomic Automatic Flow Control (AFC) system lets users enjoy their dives without having to worry about constant adjustments. This depth-controlled system, standard on every Atomic Aquatics regulator, automatically delivers optimal air flow at any depth during a dive.

The B2 come Nitrox ready for mixtures of up to 40 percent. It is available with the comfort swivel or it can be purchased in a "non-swivel" model. The Atomic Aquatics B2 is available now from your nearest Atomic Aquatics retailer, The "swivel" version of the B2 is available for a suggested retail cost of $699 while the standard B2 model (without the comfort swivel) has a suggested retail price of $645.

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