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Atomic SplitFin® Awarded Patent on EZ-LOK Buckle Design; Popular Fin Continues to Win Industry Acclaim For Performance and Efficiency

Huntington Beach, Calif. – The Atomic Aquatics SplitFin® has been allowed a new patent from the US Patent office for its popular EZ-LOK buckle system. One of the latest innovations from Atomic engineers, the EZ-LOK system has drawn extensive praise from dive professionals and consumers alike for its simplicity and unique function.

The EZ-LOK system, one of many unique features built into the SplitFin®, provides divers or snorkelers with a one-touch release option that instantly and conveniently detaches the entire buckle assembly from the fin. Users can then easily re-attach the buckle without having to readjust the fin-strap, making it an ideal solution for removing the SplitFin® in the water or securing it prior to entering the water.

The patented design and its innovative application on the Atomic Aquatics Splitfin® has caught the attention of key training professionals from coast to coast. "Our students have discovered how easy it is to put on and take off the SplitFins® even when they are in the water," said Fritz Sharar, of MBT Divers in Pensacola, Florida. "This represents a breakthrough in diver training making it more safe and efficient for students to become comfortable with their scuba equipment. We're very impressed with Atomic's SplitFins®."

The Atomic Aquatics SplitFin® is designed to enable users to swim faster and farther while using less energy. This is accomplished through a number of innovations. This includes Atomic's combination of highly-resilient materials and the extended Power Rail which is engineered for long-life and high function. A slightly longer blade size provides added leverage making the SplitFin® ideal for divers looking to move quickly through the water without over-extending themselves.

The unique Flex Battens in the fins' blade help users achieve optimal results no matter what style of kick they are using. Tests have shown the Atomic SplitFin® to be effective when test subjects were sculling, using a frog or dolphin kick or when using the common flutter kick method. Several significant industry insiders have stated that the patented split fin design provides better performance than standard paddle fins. The split design delivers better propulsion and lift, resulting in greater speeds, something divers seek when kicking into a current.

While providing unmatched performance, the Atomic SplitFins® stand out for another reason. "In the SplitFin® universe, Atomic's tend to rise to the top because they are comfortable," said John Brumm, Director of Rodale's Scuba Lab.

A repeat "Tester's Choice" recipient from Rodale's ScubaLab, evaluators in the most recent industry report noted, "While it excels in performance, no other adjustable fin comes close to the scores Atomic earns in fit and comfort." The report didn't stop there pointing out the Atomic SplitFin® provided "excellent stability and maneuverability, great for shooting video or following critters through blue water and around reef structures."

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