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It Really Is Rocket Science

Groundbreaking “firsts” require new thinking
After developing the world’s first all-Titanium regulator, we were faced with a unique problem, what could we do for act two? The success of the Atomic T1 confirmed that divers want products born from new thinking. They embrace new materials and designs and realize the benefits of improved performance. So we launched an aggressive R&D program to seek materials and employ new designs that enhance the diving experience for divers of every skill level.

The Atomic DNA starts with the metals
Every Atomic product design starts with the careful selection of the perfect material. We don't let cost or manufacturing difficulty limit us. The number one priority is choosing the right metal to deliver the best diving performance. In many cases, this requires the development of new manufacturing processes never before utilized in the scuba industry.

It’s All About Titanium

Titanium is the perfect material for the ocean environment.
Titanium is strong as steel, yet half the weight. Titanium is inert in sea water while steel rusts, unprotected brass turns green and corrodes, and aluminum pits. Even though Titanium is a very exotic, expensive and difficult metal to fabricate, Atomic developed cost-effective processes. Now divers benefit with a lightweight, high-performance, low-maintenance diving experience.

Atomic Metallurgy

Even though it all started with Titanium, Atomic embraced a R&D philosophy to seek materials that perfectly integrate with designs to give divers options. Our engineers carefully choose metals to provide a superior level of diving performance for every skill level, minimal maintenance, and greater product longevity. Great attention is given to consider every budget level as well. Every Atomic regulator model is designed to appeal to a specific diver’s needs, while delivering the highest possible performance.



It's Elemental

The letter in the name of our regulators stands for the primary metal featured in the product:

T2x – Titanium
ST1 – Stainless Steel/Titanium
M1 – Monel
B2 – Brass
Z2/Z2x – Zirconium


Alloy Ti-6AL-4V

Titanium is the most elite metal for diving regulators. The Atomic Titanium alloy is our signature metal and established the cornerstone for every product design that followed. It delivers extraordinary strength, is very lightweight, and is highly corrosion-resistant. Atomic Titanium alloy gives divers superior corrosion-resistance and is able to survive 300 years in sea water without showing a hint of corrosion. Our Titanium components are precision-machined with a machine-turned finish that does not require plating.

316 Stainless Steel

Alloy Grade 316

The Atomic ST1 Regulator is built from 316 SS to offer divers an environmentally-conscious metal choice. Stainless Steel is a high-strength and corrosion-resistant metal that has a beautiful silver machine-turned finish. The process for manufacturing SS is the most environmentally friendly and the metal is 100% recyclable. This stainless steel alloy does not require plating to protect, and is nearly as resistant to sea water corrosion as Titanium.


Alloy R405 Nickel-Copper
Monel was developed specifically for marine environments. The Atomic Monel alloy is as strong as steel with excellent corrosion resistance in sea water. The properties of Monel make it the best metal choice for components subject to flammability in oxygen-enriched compressed air such as Nitrox. This enables the Atomic M1 Regulator to accommodate oxygen mixes up to 80% when special guidelines are followed. Monel does not require plating.

Chrome-Plated Brass

Alloy Grade C36000

Atomic utilizes C36000 Brass to offer divers the option for a cost-effective and highly corrosion-resistant metal. Yet, all Brasses are not the same. This is the best alloy for our applications. Atomic also developed a more resilient Type 3 Copper, Nickel and decorative Chrome plating to protect the Brass from tarnishing.


ZrN Nitride PVD Coating
Atomic Zirconium Nitride is a highly corrosion resistant and super hard metal used as a protective layer over chrome-plated Brass components in the Z2 Regulator. In our PVD (physical vapor deposition) process, Zirconium Nitride coating is vacuum-chamber deposited over type 3 chrome-plated Brass. The result is an exponential improvement in corrosion resistance over conventional chrome plating. Adding Nitride during the PVD process improves hardness and changes the normally gray metal to a bright yellow-gold color.

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