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We Sweat The Details For You

Engineering a worry-free experience for divers
Innovative design and the finest materials mean nothing if they don't result in a superior product and performance. This obsession with performance requires intelligent design, expert engineering and precise manufacturing. From the beginning, Atomic adopted the philosophy of being a uniquely USA (specifically California-based) manufacturer to achieve the highest possible level of engineering and unprecedented quality control.

Atomic Aquatics established Atomica R&D, our own private manufacturing facility, located in the hotbed of leading-edge Southern California aerospace and technology firms. Atomica proudly follows California's strict environmental and recycling standards to produce high-performance dive equipment. While others outsource to third-world countries, Atomic’s critical components are produced and assembled here under our stringent criteria.

Proud To Be Control Freaks

Every detail and process is right under our watchful eye
The only way to have absolute control over the quality of your products is to do your own manufacturing. That's why Atomic Aquatics made the strategic decision to invest in state-of-the art computer aided design and CNC milling machines housed in our own facilities. Then we hired some of the best experts in the industry to design revolutionary manufacturing techniques perfectly suited to the capabilities of the machines.

These specialized CNC machines produce precision-tolerance parts from exotic metals that would have been impossible to make just a few years ago. Atomica is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and experienced facilities in the USA for machining exotic materials such as Titanium, Monel and Stainless Steel. Others may save a few dollars by outsourcing, but Atomica allows us to insure quality, maintain control and keep our resources close to home...under our watchful eyes.


Atomic Aquatics owns Atomica, our exclusive, proprietary R&D and manufacturing facility. Atomica gives us complete quality control for critical components.

Atomica Precision
This Swiss-style CNC machine is well known for its high-precision ability in making small parts. such as those used in watchmaking.

Atomica CNC
Atomica CNC machines are selected to be the best at the functions they perform. A Titanium first stage body is machined with 23 precision operations in one session.

Atomica MT
The Atomica mill-turn (MT) machine makes a completed part utilizing numerous operations in a single session.

The Best Is Yet To Come
Tomorrow is our favorite day of the week
Every year since 1995, Atomic Aquatics has added a new and often revolutionary product to our line. Right now, divers and industry experts regard Atomic products as the best in the world in every category. We only add a new product when it is ready...and “ready” means when it is better than what anyone else has to offer. Our growth has been paced and consistent – one award-winning product at a time.


Atomica R&D: Precise & Efficient
In addition to control, an important benefit of owning our manufacturing facility is the latitude to develop more precise yet efficient processes. At Atomica, each Titanium first-stage regulator body is machined from a solid bar of Titanium with 23 different machine operations performed in one continuous session.

Atomica R&D: Exponential QC
At Atomica, thousands of different manufacturing procedures are performed to produce seven models of Atomic regulators. Each procedure is carefully monitored and quality-controlled to ensure accuracy. This in-house approach reduces reliance on outside vendors resulting in a superior level of QC. Additionally, Atomica does no manufacturing for other companies, keeping sole focus on Atomic products.

Atomica R&D: Innovation At Play
Possibly our favorite aspect of Atomica is the laboratory playground it provides us to test new designs and concepts. Innovation is constant at Atomic Aquatics and the ability to fabricate near-final prototypes results in a more refined final product. Atomic has such a strong passion for innovation, we have taken great strides to reduce obstacles that often impede the design process, such as reliance on outside sources.

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